B-Wurf von Nirvalis (FCI)

Our B-litter arrived !

On 8. November 2011 MCh. Elodi dei Centurioni gave birth to 1/4 yellow and brindle puppies of MCh. Teseo dei Centurioni.
The litter has been registered without any faults in the age of 8 weeks.

All our puppies have found loving homes.
Here you can see the pictures of our B-litter.

Brom von Nirvalis

Owner: Sonja und Michael Diehbach
BK Minden

Birke von Nirvalis

Owner: Julio und Nicole Fischer
BK Limburg/Diez

Birthe von Nirvalis

Blümchen von Nirvalis

Owner: Lars und Mette Dubert
Zwinger Casijo ( Dänemark )

Beetje von Nirvalis

Owner: Besitzer: Erich und Dr. Gabi Ullrich
Zwinger von Nirvalis (FCI)

The parents

Multi-Champion Elodi dei Centurioni

HD-B1, Hz-0, Sp-1

Multi-Champion Teseo dei Centurioni

IPO1, ital. ZTP, ital. Körung
HD-B, Hz-0, Sp-0

7213 / 2